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        CherryInside, 22 years, Internet

I speak English  

Girl Alone, straight

Hair Color: Black
Zodiacal Sign: Aries
Height (cm):
Weight (kg):
Breast Size: Small
Smoker: NO
Drinker: NO
Ethnicity: Caucasian

At school I was a good and modest girl. But in high school I realized that the school is very boring. I began to spend all the time in bars. I got acquainted with guys that older than me and adored teasing them. I dressed my tight-fitting tits and ass dress without linen. I did everything that they could see the contours of my buttocks or tits. One of those days I started to lark around with one guy. I just turned 16 years old. And he was interested only in sex, drugs and chicks. I was carried away with my playing and realized this when we left one on one in a locked room. He squeezed me into the couch, took out his huge cock and began to move it over my lips. I resisted, then he took me by the hair, opened my mouth with his hand and drove his cock deep into my throat. My mouth was drooling and tears running down my face and tits. But this violence so aroused me. I knelt in front of him and sucked his huge cock like a good girl. He held my head with a cock in the throat and I felt my dress lift up and strip my wet swollen pussy. I began to resist, I did not understand who was behind and what he was doing. But fucking my mouth, he gave me two slaps and accelerated the pace. Now he fucked my head like an abnormal. And from the back they neatly inserted fingers into my pussy and ass. At first, slowly, teasing. And then all faster and at one point I realized that I was deeply hammered with two dicks by absolutely unknown men. They sucked their cum on my face, lips, tits. It was my first sex. But it can repeat at any moment. We have a drink, smoke grass, organize parties and there we fuck somebody. I am fucked first. After all, I'm the best slut. If I do not have a bra, then today I'll be properly fucked balls deep. Privat is open for the most impudent and pervy. Will you be the one who cuts me? Or I'll finish your whole face

I am online: Daily between 14-22, except on Sunday.
Last time online: 09.02.2019, 17:08:57 EET


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